What is Pets at Play?

Pets at Play is a veterinary company that is dedicated to animal behaviour and the growth of science-based animal behaviour in South Africa

The provision of veterinary behavioural services to clients with pets or clients wanting pets with services such as pet selection consultations, assistance with dog and cat behavioural problems using in house or home consultation.

The provision of behaviour related services to veterinarians which includes the distribution of behaviour related toys, provision of continuing professional development to veterinarians in behaviour related subjects, a referral service for behaviour cases, and the distribution of pheromone products for dogs and cats.

The main areas that are serviced by Pets at play are the Cape Winelands

Facebook reviews

positive review  Dr Pypers was incredibly helpful, patient and experienced, and her advice is concise, thorough and easy to follow, and caters to your pets specific personality and needs. You can tell she genuinely cares. Thank you so much

Daoyi Roodt Avatar Daoyi Roodt
July 13, 2020

positive review  Dr Pyper has a really compassionate and empathetic approach and she engaged with our dog without causing anxiety or fear. She was extremely helpful in assisting us in understanding him and her advice and intervention was exactly what was needed. Dr Pyper is really skilled and brilliant at what she does. She balances science, intuition and behaviour interpretation perfectly. She really loves and understands animals and we can’t recommend her enough.

Claudine Griffiths Avatar Claudine Griffiths
January 26, 2020

positive review  Dr. Pypers was able to assist with both environmental changes and suggestions, as well as medication to help with our cat Dagny who was displaying some misplaced aggression. She provided excellent follow-up and checked up on our progress. Dagny has improved and is much happier. She was very friendly and helpful and our cats were at ease with her, and they don't usually take to strangers.

Chris Rae Avatar Chris Rae
September 24, 2019

positive review  Excellent service. Dr. Pypers was very professional, experienced and helpful. Gave us great insight into our situation and tools to help us cope and improve the situation we are facing with our dogs.

Naomi Grasman Avatar Naomi Grasman
June 28, 2019

Who we are

Dr Pypers

Dr Aileen Pypers

Dr Aileen Pypers is the owner of Pets at Play Veterinary Behaviour Consultancy. Aileen graduated in 2010 from the University of Pretoria and completed an honours level module in clinical behaviour medicine in 2013. She also has a Diploma in Higher Education from Stellenbosch University and is currently enrolled in a Masters in International Animal Welfare, Ethics and Law through Edinburgh University. Her strengths include well-developed communication, planning and organisational skills, with a passion for educating and motivating people. She lives with her husband in Windmeul and in her spare time she dances and crochets. Find Aileen on Linkedin
Dr Trish

Dr Patricia Mills

Dr Patricia Mills has been a practising small animal veterinarian for 15 years. She has always had a special interest in behaviour and completed the Veterinary clinical behaviour medicine course through the University of Pretoria in 2013. Animal behavoiur medicine has been included in her daily work when treating patients with other medical conditions as well as in helping pets with specific behaviour problems. Dr Mills is passionate about engaging with pet owners and assisting them to manage behaviour problems in their pets.
She lives with her husband and their three boys in the Natal midlands.