What is a veterinary behaviour consultation?

Before we can book an appointment to see your dog or cat, you need to fill in this questionnaire.

The animals we live with don’t always behave the way we want or need them to. If your dog or cat is behaving in a way that concerns you or is causing problems for you, a consultation with a professional may be the solution.

A veterinary behaviour consultation is a consultation conducted by a caring professional veterinarian. There is an in-depth questionnaire about your pet that needs to be completed before you meet with our veterinarian.

Consultations are either conducted at your veterinary practice (see our list of participating practices here) or at your home and last for approximately 1 hour. In both instances, it is best if everyone who interacts with the pet on a frequent basis is present for the consultation.

During the consultation, aspects such as:

  • Where did this behaviour come from
  • How has the problem progressed
  • What role does your pet play in your life

will be discussed and an appropriate achievable treatment program will be recommended.

The treatment programme may involve medication, complementary therapies such as pheromone products, behaviour modification techniques and environmental changes.

What kinds of problems can we assist with?

  • Aggression towards people or animals
  • Leash reactivity
  • Anxiety including separation anxiety
  • House-soiling problems
  • Noise and thunderstorm phobias
  • Abnormal repetitive behaviours such as excessive licking, tail chasing, chasing lights and shadows
  • Excessive vocalisation (barking or meowing)
  • Unruly behaviour such as chewing, digging etc
  • Behaviour changes associated with the ageing pet

  • As well as any other problem that is interfering with your bond with your pet.

    How to request or book a consult?

    Before we can book an appointment to see your dog or cat, you need to fill in this questionnaire.

    Please note that the questionnaire takes at least 40 minutes to complete. It is vital that you include as much information as possible as this allows more time during the consultation to formulate and discuss the treatment plan. Information omitted from the questionnaire may result in a longer consultation time which will be charged for.

    How much does it cost?

    Our veterinarian travels all over the Western Cape to offer behaviour consultations for pets.

    Current schedule (subject to change):

    Mondays: Stellenbosch, Somerset West, Strand, Gordon’s Bay

    Tuesdays: Southern suburbs and Cape Town

    Wednesdays: Northern suburbs

    Thursdays: Wellington, Paarl

    Fridays: varies depending on demand (see a detailed schedule here)

    *Please note: standard hours refer to a consultation 10am-6pm, Monday to Friday (area dependent)

    Behaviour consultations vary considerably in what treatment plan they require. Many problems require just one or two consultations while others need more intensive assistance.

    Once you have completed the questionnaire, we will more accurately be able to give you a quote for our services.

    Consultations generally last 1 hour for an initial visit and 30minutes for a follow up.

    Consultations are invoiced and are payable by cash or EFT.

    Other questions?

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