What is Pets at Play?

Pets at Play is a veterinary company that is dedicated to animal behaviour and the growth of science-based animal behaviour in South Africa

The provision of veterinary behavioural services to clients with pets or clients wanting pets with services such as pet selection consultations, assistance with dog and cat behavioural problems using home consultation.

The provision of behaviour related services to veterinarians which includes the distribution of behaviour related toys, provision of continuing professional development to veterinarians in behaviour related subjects, a referral service for behaviour cases, and the distribution of pheromone products for dogs and cats.

The main areas that are serviced by Pets at play are the Cape Winelands

Who we are

Dr Aileen Pypers

Dr Pypers is a veterinarian with a keen interest in animal behaviour and human-animal interaction. Aileen obtained her degree from the University of Pretoria in 2010 and has been practicing as a state veterinarian since although she began offering Veterinary Behaviour consultations by referral in 2013. She has completed the Veterinary clinical behaviour medicine course through the University of Pretoria and has served on the Animal Behaviour and Interaction Group of the South African Veterinary Association committee for 3 years.

Her strengths include well-developed communication, planning and organisational skills, with a passion for educating and motivating other people.

She resides with her husband in Stellenbosch and in her spare time she horse-rides, creates handmade greeting cards and sings in the acclaimed Libertas choir.

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Dr Vincent Henwood

Dr Henwood is a veterinarian that manages the operational side of the business. Dr Henwood obtained his veterinary degree from the University of Pretoria in 2010. He has been practicing as a state veterinarian ever since. Dr Henwood does the occasional locum at welfare and private practive. He has a keen interest in management systems such as ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.

Dr Henwood works well with people and is interested in client compliance and getting people to do what is good for them and their pets.

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